Fish Finding
We can show you where the big boys are swimming


Are you a sport or tournament fisherman and want to find those big ones out there?

Fish Finding Expeditions
Are Now Available!!


We can fly up to three people all around the Tampa Bay area, within 25 miles of our departure point, so you can find the deep holes and "see" were the schools of fish are swimming.


Feel FREE to bring your hand held GPS along to record your sightings.

Reservations should be made at least seven to ten days in advance for weekend expeditions. Please schedule as early as possible to avoid missing out on your Expedition for finding those big ones.

Flights are available 365 days a year. Holiday reservations for New Years, Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are $25.00 extra.

$125 Per Hour
Includes plane, fuel and pilot.


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