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Want to learn to fly?
You can be a pilot in as short as 3-4 weeks and do it while on a vacation in sunny Clearwater, Florida. We are minutes from Tampa International Airport and 10 miles from the best beaches in the world! If you reside in Pinellas County you can obtain your flight training at your own pace. It is recommended that a student be able to commit at least 2 days a week for flying and 5 hours a week of home study to complete the requirements in 12-14 weeks. Private flight instruction is conducted at (KPIE) St Petersburg/Clearwater International Airport (where the big boys fly!) in Pinellas County.  Discovery Flight

International Students
International Students are Welcomed!  If you wish to come to the US for flight training please read AOPA's guide to the Transportation Security Awareness Flight training rules by clicking on this link.
Candidates will need to register with the TSA prior to flight training. We are registered with the TSA as an approved provider. Most all international candidates will need a passport and in most cases an academic or student visa will be required. Click on this link for Visa information.

Prerequisites- Private Pilot-Airplane Practical Test
1. Be at least 17 years of age.
2. Be able to read, speak, write and understand the English language.
3. Pass the FAA Private Pilot Written exam within the preceding 24 months.
4. Possess at least a student/3rd class medical certificate.
5. Copy of US passport or birth certificate.

Click on this link to find an Aviation Medical Doctor in your area.

Requirements for Private Pilot 40 Hours Minimum
 Dual: 20 hours minimum
 3 hours cross-country flight training
 3 hours night training to include:
 1 night cross-country flight with at least one hundred nautical miles total distance.
 10 takeoffs and landings to a full stop involving a flight in a traffic pattern at an airport.
 3 hours instrument training (simulated conditions)
 3 hours of flight training within 60 days before the test in preparation for the practical exam.
 All maneuvers as outlined in the Private Pilot Test Standards handbook.
 Solo: 10 hours minimum
 5 hours solo cross-country
 1 cross-country flight with total distance of 150 nautical miles with full stop landings at a minimum of 3 points with one leg at least 100nm.
 3 take off and landings to a full stop while flying in a traffic pattern at an airport with an operating control tower

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Learn to Fly!

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Reservations should be made at least seven to ten days in advance for Discovery Flight. Please schedule as early as possible to avoid missing out on your experience of a lifetime. If we are unable to fly because of weather conditions or circumstances surrounding our flight operations, the flight will be moved to a new date. If you need to cancel or reschedule, please give at least 24 hours notice. You may prepay with a credit card through PayPal (just keep your receipt to show payment). Otherwise payment is cash or local check at time of flight. Sorry, we don't have a credit card machine on board the airplane. All Discovery Flights must be scheduled on or before 5:00 PM.


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