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Mile High Club

Mile High Club Membership into the elite Mile-High Club has always been difficult to attain. Only those couples who were bold enough to carry on their initiation in the back seat of an under booked airline flight, or wealthy enough to own their own aircraft were usually able to join.

Now you can join the club in romantic style, and discretion. We are offering you and your loved one the opportunity to become mile-high club members, with all of the safety and privacy that comes with having a Cessna 172 all to yourselves. The cockpit is divided from the cabin. We have equipped the rear cabin seat with a clean sheet.

Once you are aboard, the pilot will communicate with you when it is permitted to move from your seats and begin your initiation. This fast climbing aircraft will be one mile high within 8-10 minutes of takeoff. At that time, you will have 45 minutes of privacy. Should an unusual situation occur in the cabin, it is possible to signal the pilot to deal with it. Otherwise, you and your loved one will remain totally undisturbed except for the soothing hum of the engines and the moonlight through the cabin windows. After the flight you will be presented with a mile-high club certificate of initiation into this special group.

Does this sound like the gift of a lifetime to give to your significant other? We think it is and invite you to call us with questions. Do not be bashful; the flight crew is made up of mature, dedicated professionals. The crew will never interfere, participate or comment in anyway on anything that goes on in the cabin; they are there to fly the plane. Furthermore, they are bound under contract to total secrecy and discretion as to the identities of our customers.

A few important notes: These flights are canceled in the event of marginal weather. We will not fly when there is a chance of turbulence or uncertain conditions. The flight crew reserves the right to make these decisions. With that in mind, it is important that you keep time open for alternate dates. Although we will always try to meet your appointment, we will not compromise safety or comfort.

This service is offered to the public as a "sightseeing" flight and will remain within 25 miles of the departure airport. Most flights are done at night. We depart from St. Petersburg/Clearwater Airport in Clearwater, FL. It's a small, public airport with little activity after dark. It is unlikely that anyone would ever be there to see you arrive or embark on the flight. All flights must begin and terminate at the same location.

The cost for this "sightseeing" flight is $275.00/hour, with a one hour minimum. Reservations must be made at least five days in advance, and a non refundable deposit of $100 made through either PayPal or US Mail to guarantee your reservation date and time. If we are unable to fly because of weather conditions or circumstances surrounding our flight operations, the flight is moved to your alternate date. Gift certificates are non refundable, and are completely transferable to anyone who may wish to use it. You may prepay with a credit card through PayPal (just keep your receipt to show payment), otherwise payment balance is cash, travelers checks or local check at time of flight. Sorry, we don't have a credit card machine on board the airplane. You must bring a picture ID to prove you are at least 18 years of age. You will be required to sign a liability release before boarding..

Questions? Drop us an eMail to discuss how we can help you design the perfect evening for that special someone.

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* Flights are available 365 days a year. Holiday reservations for New Years, Valentines Day, Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are $50.00 extra and a $100.00 Non refundable deposit will be required.


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