These prices are based on 50 hours of flight time for the Private Pilot Certificate. The national average is somewhat higher, however, it can be easily accomplished in 50 hours depending on a students ability, commitment level and previous experience.  The following example assumes instruction in a Cessna 172N with 180hp conversion .

35hrs. Dual (plane and instruction, 1978 Cessna 172)* $4,900.00
15hrs. Solo 1978 Cessna 172N $1,500.00
15hrs. Ground instruction* $600.00
Private Pilot Written Exam Fee $80.00
Student/3rd Class Medical $85.00
FAA Check Ride $300.00

*Actual hours determined by student's preparation and skills.
**Instruction is billed hourly so you can pay as you go.

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Training Material Needed:
Ground School course: Aviation Supplies & Academics Private Pilot Ultimate Kit features:
» ASA Pilot Briefcase
» The Pilot’s Manual: Ground School, a full-color comprehensive textbook that teaches everything you need to know as a private pilot.
» The Pilot’s Manual: Flight School, a comprehensive, full-color, maneuvers manual that
teaches all the skills required to fly an airplane.
» Student Flight Record for Private Pilots, to track progress
» The Complete Private Pilot Syllabus
» Private Oral Exam Guide by Michael Hayes

» Practical Test Standards for Private Pilot (Single Engine Land)
» Ultimate Rotating Plotter
» Standard Pilot Logbook
» Virtual Test Prep–An Aviation Ground School brings the classroom to any home TV or computer DVD player.
» Private Pilot Test Prep book, 2007 Edition
» Electronic E6-B flight computer
 and Fiberboard E6-B flight computer
» 2007 FAR/AIM book
» Long VFR Tri-fold Kneeboard
» Current Miami and Jacksonville Sectional Charts
» Current Airport Facility Directory
» Cessna 172 Pilot's Operating Handbook

Additional Materials Needed:
Headset $99.95
Aviation Weather book $11.50
Radio Communication book $15.00

Ground instruction (per hour) $40.00
Flight Instruction in your airplane or ours. (per hour) $40.00
Aircraft Rental (per hour)*
Cessna 172N-180hp $100.00
(Cash price per hour is $95.00)
*No added fuel surcharges!!

Prices are estimates and may change any time and are current as of 9/01/2007

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